Transfer Deadline Day

Arsenal tempted Ozil using more money than sense
but they couldn’t bait the Biter with 40 million and a pence.

Villa swooped for Kozak to add an extra man on
but lost Ireland to the Potters, and the services of Bannan.

Odemwingie’s off to Cardiff (unlike the last Deadline Day shamble)
and Man City know the skills of the young boy, Frazier Campbell.

Chelsea played it cool with some new players of their own,
and trimming down their wage bill with 23 guys out on loan.

Palace added malice to their leaders at the front,
with Stoke’s Jerome, Reading’s Kebe, and Huddersfield’s Hunt.

The Toffees played it sweet with Lukaku their number 1,
Barry and McCarthy but no Fellaini now he’s gone.

Fulham kept quite quiet with Zverotic on the ball
but with few other additions, is it enough for Mr Jol?

Hull have been quite dull, and just re-signed a recent player
but with such a tough League Season they may just resort to prayer.

The Scousers had the nouse to build on what they built before
with just a few new defenders and Mr Moses at the fore.

City were sitting pretty with most of their business done,
sending out their midfield Barry for some Evertonian fun.

United disappointed with the appointed Woodward/Moyes,
who could only add Fellaini to their title-winning boys.

And Newcastle were poorer, failing to participate
since their loan-signing of Remy about a year too late.

Norwich did their business with an openness and candor
that seemed enough to earn the talents of Johan Elmander.

Southampton had Osvaldo with a new club-record fee
so sat back and watched the Deadline Day in comfort, and with glee.

Stoke had loaned Assaidi and Stephen Ireland from elsewhere
so there wasn’t any shocking news today they had to share.

Sunderland kept spending and sold Sessegnon to Brom,
but they’re low down in the table and imploding like a bomb.

Swansea signed up Vazquez, a young gun in from Spain,
to help them climb the table with the help of Laudrup’s brain.

Despite the sale of Bale, the Spurs are looking good
respending all the money for some talented fresh blood.

West Brom have got Anichebe to boost them up the league
and new legs with Stephane Sessegnon to overcome fatigue.

And West Ham resign Carlton Cole three months after release,
what a lovely little way to build a bridge of love and peace.

So that was Transfer Deadline Day, Six three zero million spent.
Next year I can’t be bothered knowing where each player went.


One thought on “Transfer Deadline Day

  1. Excellent poem, sir! – although I hardly know any of the names these days…! Now, when I was thirteen I knew the players of just about every First Division team off by heart (and grounds and strips and nicknames…!) :\

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